Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

You know what I really, really miss? A glass of red wine with dinner.

Vino red wine coasters

Before I got pregnant, it was my drink of choice at night. My guess is that a lot of you can identify with me in that area. (Right? Please tell me Miranda Lambert isn’t the only girl who’s got my back.)

A glass at the end of the day was the perfect way to embrace conversations with my hubby or girlfriends. As a habit that I formed while studying abroad in Italy, drinking a glass (erh, okay fine, maybe two) helps to relax me and is always the perfect compliment to meal time.

EC in wine countryA few years back while touring an Australian vineyard. The love runs deep!

You know what? With all the research I’ve read about red wine being good for you (in moderation, of course), I’m shameless about my enthusiastic mind frame toward the drink. What’s more, I recently came across an article that contained some more fabulous news for those who share my sentiment.

Brace yourself, vino lovers, here’s the fun fact: A study by the University of Alberta found that the health benefits of resveratrol, which is a compound found in red wine, are equivalent to those we get from exercise. In other words, drinking red wine could help to burn fat. Mmmhmm, you read that right. Drinking red wine could have the same health benefits as a sweaty workout.

So, tell me, the next time you’ve had a particularly long day at work and are contemplating between heading to the gym or a relaxing night at home, which will you choose? Things to consider: 1. The fabulous news above, 2. Me not having had my favorite drink in over 6 months, and 3. Relaxing nights in can be just as mentally healthy as a good workout.


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