Why Basic’s Not So Bad

It was one of those mornings where I just couldn’t get ahead.

I aimed for a slow wake up complete with warming my hands on my favorite mug of steaming coffee, a news station crooning in the background, and Grace leisurely helping to pick out my outfit for the day (a fun new custom that we’ve been enjoying). Instead, I got mayhem.

We’re talking loud “NO’s” being proclaimed when offering oatmeal anything for breakfast, horse-like bucking while trying to brush little toddler teeth, a naked Grace being chased around the apartment while objecting to get dressed, spilled Cheerios, and an odd sticky substance in my hair as a result of it all. (Jelly? Boogers? The mystery still remains to be solved.) The result: About 1 minute for Doug and I to get ready for the day. And so parenthood goes.

As it was a Sunday and thus a small window of opportunity to get something productive done for this blog, we had planned to shoot some photos. I knew that if we didn’t get something done my window would be lost and I’d be light on content for the week, so despite my awful planning and lack of a strategic outfit to shoot (I blame parenthood but really it’s just me), we proceeded with whatever I threw on. It just so happened to be a grey and white striped turtleneck that I adore, and faux leather pants that somehow still fit despite my protruding pregnant belly.
My outfit was, for all intents and purposes, basic. I like to think that my additions of a shiny metallic bow clutch, suede flats and faux leather were enough to jazz up a very standard pair-top-with-pants look, but let’s call a duck a duck, okay? While it wasn’t necessarily boring, the look was certainly basic. And you know what? I liked it.

That’s right. I said it. Not only did I dress basic, but <<gasp>> I liked it. I was comfortable, and despite my rushed morning and lack of planning, still felt confident in my look.

Truth be told, most of my outfits are fairly basic. I tend to go for items that are easily mix-and-matched, and though I love exploring personal style, I don’t often get too trendy. Which makes mornings like my mayhem one significantly easier, since having great items like this mock neck top as an option means I literally can just throw it on and know that it’ll look good with pretty much anything. (Plus, the light grey color paired with the pops of white of this is so pretty, don’t you think?) Another basic item that I adore for being versatile? My J.Crew sadie flats. Winners, I tell you. Winners.

Somewhere along the line, basic got a bad rep. And while it’s good to be bold, have fun, and let your personality shine, that doesn’t mean that all basic is bad. Basic can also be a really good thing, if done thoughtfully.

So, with that, I’m here to stand up for basic. In many cases it’s preferred, especially if you rally around classics that are timeless. There’s in fact an entire minimalist movement that’s all about taking basic back, which I obviously support. After all, we can’t all be glitter and gold all the time, can we? While I love me a fabulous, head-turning look, sometimes we gotta go with what we know works with minimal hassle. Sometimes, you just don’t want to think about your outfit. Sometimes, even if you’re into fashion, easy comfort takes precedence.

That’s where true style comes in. Knowing what looks good on you, and embracing the items that for you never fail. At times they may be basic, but hey, at least they look fantastic. And just because you embrace that notion doesn’t mean you’re boring.


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8 thoughts on “Why Basic’s Not So Bad

  1. Krystal // The Krystal Diaries

    I’m a fan of basic all the way! As much as I love trends, most of the time I feel weird actually wearing them on an everyday basis. Is it bad that I am not a sorority and I still wear Uggs & drink lattes like it’s my job? I’m actually wearing Uggs & drinking one right now at my desk lol.

  2. Maddy

    I agree with you. Basic can be good or bad. I try to fill a good chunk of my closet with “basics” – leather jacket, skinny jeans, cool pair of flats – so i am able to mix and match my wardrobe without always purchasing new.

    xo, Maddy

  3. Lexi

    I was wearing almost the same outfit when you posted this yesterday! It’s my go to when I want to be comfy and cute.



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